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Rules & Regulations

  1. Each participant can participate in both the items ( Kata/Kumite) as per their choice. Once the participant is done with their Kata, immediately they have to get ready for their Kumite.
  2. All the participants who are going to participate in Kumite have to bring their own kit.
  3. The girl participants should not wear a ring, earrings,anklet, etc and boys should not wear any t-shirt inside the gi.
  4. All participants will receive trophies, medals & certificates according to their positions after each event.
  5. All the coaches/team managers should collect the food coupon for their team by 11.00 AM.
  6. The categories will be held according to belt, weight, and age. 7.Category as follows : White(10th Kyu) - Yellow( 9th Kyu) Orange(8th Kyu) - Green(7th Kyu) Blue(6th Kyu)- Purple(5th Kyu) Brown Black
  7. All the coaches have to collect the participation certificate from the desk between 1.30 PM - 2.00 PM.
  8. The minimum no of participants who participate from each club will be awarded as Supporting Club.
  9. Rules for Kumite.
  10. All the participants should bring their own Kumite Kit.
  11. Every category will be held according to the new rules approved by WKF.
  12. Below 18 years, participants are not allowed to use any face attacks by hand.
  13. Above 18 years, participants are allowed to use face attack by hand attacks. NB: Black belt category only.
  14. All the techniques which are going to applied should be under control. (Skin touch with perfection) Scores will be awarded according to the new WKF rules system.
  15. Rules for Kata All participants should perform their Kyu or Dan level Kata. (All styles) Senior belts are not allowed to perform Junior belt kata.
  16. Junior belts are not allowed to perform senior kata.
  17. Scores will be awarded by the slate system. (Only 1 or 2 rounds.)
  18. All the Referees & Judges will be provided by UAE Federation who has WKF & AKF rankings. Each coach will be awarded by certificates and each clubs will be getting a special certificate with their name written on it.
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